Term and condition

Sharktankketo.com is the No.1 website which main work is to bring accurate information about any supplement. However, we are only responsible to inform you about particular supplement. So, if there will be any change in the subject matter then we are not responsible for that. It is completely the duty of a customer to check the integrity of any product before its use, whether a particular product is going to meet the requirement or not. The customer testimonials given on this website is a person’s own opinion. It is not necessary that it is going to work for you in the same manner.


Before placing the order you are requested to do read each term and condition carefully. As in the time of conflict or refund those terms and condition will be given the first priority. All the personal information of yours are going to remain protected over here and there is no chance of leak or its use for advertisement. However, the given information might used for further contact. The statements have been used here for sold purpose only and it is not evaluated by FDA. In case of any query prefet the main landing page of any product.